NOLO Partner With Media Kobo To Expand Into Japan

NOLO Home content platform will soon see content provided by Media Kobo.

NOLO entered the virtual reality (VR) scene with the launch of its 6DoF mobile VR hardware product, the NOLO CV1 and its content delivery platform NOLO Home. The company is now teaming up with Media Kobo Inc. to expand its reach into Japan.

The partnership is intended to allow NOLO to work with Japanese develops to create localised content that can be delivered in Japan and other countries. The two firms believe this will offer opportunities for market expansion and promotion.

NOLO Set 1

Media Kobo is primarily known for developing, distributing and publishing smartphone apps and creating other digital content. Media Kobo will be collaborating with developers in Japan to deliver new content for NOLO Home, as well as promoting development of the VR industry in Japan.

The NOLO CV1 was designed to bring the mobile VR experience more in line with what users of high-end PC VR technology such as the Oculus Rift or HTC vive can expect. NOLO has integrated patented spatial tracking technology called PolarTraq to allow portable 6 degree-of-freedom experiences to be accessible to smartphone VR users.

The company believes that high-quality 6DoF VR content is a key part of building the Mobile VR ecosystem. The release of NOLO Home formed part of the company’s strategy towards building the smartphone-based VR industry. The end goal is to allow developers to upload custom built applications to NOLO Home by using the NOLO Home SDK so consumers can pay to download them, giving those developers greater access to worldwide profit shares.

NOLO believes that the partnership with Media Kobo will provide exclusive new content on the NOLO Home platform as well as providing the basis for future deals with other developers and publishers to expand the available library of content and increase the reach of NOLO into new regions.

Further news on NOLO and other updates form the VR industry will continue to be reported here on VRFocus.

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