New Screenshots Released For OVERTURN: Final Operation

Recently it was announced that the story of virtual reality (VR) action title OVERTURN would be containing in OVERTURN: Final Operation. A new multiplayer continuation that sees up to four players working together to save the day in this action packed title.

OVERTURN: Final Operation - Logo

OVERTURN: Final Operation picks up right at the end of OVERTURN and the down of the Beholder. Now, Magi is left alone without any of her abilities and it is up to the players as androids to battle the hordes of enemies that seek to defeat Magi for good. She might not be able to fight but she can use the last of her power in an attempt to escape with the help of the players. This is not a solo-rescue mission mind you as up to four players can work together to battle the endless hordes of enemies and rescue Maji.

Using either the HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift, players will step into the shoes of the mysterious androids sent by an unknown force to rescue Magi. With wave after wave of enemies coming to destroy her you will need to make use of every weapon and item you can find in order to keep her alive and lead her to safety. To mark the announcement a number of screenshots for the title have been released which give players a look at what to expect in this upcoming multiplayer title.

With plenty of enemies to take down, and some rather impressive looking weapons, players will want to work together and utilize their surroundings rescue Magi. If the enemies are getting to much to handle players can make use of items such as grenades to deal some massive damage in a wide area. The shield and healing items will ensure you have more of a fighting chance and for really dealing out the damage there is the Rapid Beam Rifle. This fully automated firearm is designed to fire high damage dealing enemy beans at rapid speeds, making it the ideal combat option.

OVERTURN: Final Operation is set to be releases sometime next month (May 2018) and according to co-developer and publisher oneIMMERS be a free release. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on OVERTURN: Final Operation in the future and you can view the release screenshots below.