New Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Screenshots Showcase New Forms

The upcoming release of Megadimension Neptunia VIIR for PlayStation VR is nearing closer and now Idea Factory International have released a new batch of screenshots that show off the next form of the Gamindustri Goddesses.

Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Neptune Next - 1

In the latest title from the ever popular series, Megadimension Neptunia VIIR is an ‘enhanced’ version of the 2016 role-playing game (RPG), Megadimension Neptunia VII, packed with new features and virtual reality (VR) functionality. This release means players will be able to experience smoother graphics thanks to a new engine, a revamped battle system and even get up close and personal like never before thanks to PlayStation VR.

The new screenshots show the characters latest transformation forms which add another layer of tactics and even more powerful attacks. In Megadimension Neptunia VIIR, characters will get two levels of transformation. This will make the combat side of the gameplay in the title much more impressive and visually pleasing. The other half of the gameplay revolves around the player hanging out in a room with the Gamindustri Goddesses, listening to their conversations and watching them react to the players response, all in VR. This will be the first time players are able to hang out with the virtual Goddesses and it is sure to be a fan favorite feature of this release.

Elsewhere in Megadimension Neptunia VIIR, players will be able to experience an epic RPG adventure as they set out on a grand adventure to save the world from the mysterious evil known as the Dark CPU. Working together, the characters will need to use new strategies and new powers in order to be the victor in this war. With a turn-based battle system the combat is set to be more fun then ever before. Unleash powerful attacks, use combos and even dazzling specials. Position and timing is key so make sure to pay close attention to the battles and do everything you can to win.

Megadimension Neptunia VIIR is set to release on 11th May in the UK with a North American release date of 8th May. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on this VR adventure so stay tuned for further updates.