Moss is PlayStation VR’s Number One Title for March

One of PlayStation VR’s most eagerly anticipated videogames of 2018 launched right at the end of February. Polyarc’s Moss  is a puzzle adventure featuring a cute little mouse named Quill and today Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA) has released the top downloaded titles for March 2018, with Moss taking the top spot.


First announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 in June, Quill’s adventure sees her solving puzzles and exploring a larger-than-life world of caves, forests, and foreboding ruins that are filled with ancient artifacts, mysterious creatures, and sprawling views. It’s easy to understand why Moss gained the top spot with VRFocus’ five star review stating: “Moss is a flawlessly crafted experience starring a character that absolutely deserves to be the face of modern VR. Every inch of the world shows attention to detail, and a story is woven that draws you in, making you truly invested in the world and in Quill as a person. All that can be wished for is that there was more.”

The top ten charts also reveal some interesting download habits of PlayStation VR owners. For example, Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator is still proving to be highly popular securing the number two spot having been a launch day title. The studio has followed this with Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality and the newly announced Vacation Simulator

The full download chart is as follows:

1 Moss
2 Job Simulator
3 PlayStation VR Worlds
4 Driveclub VR
5 Superhot VR
6 Archangel
7 Drunkn Bar Fight
8 Bravo Team
9 Knockout League
10 Statik


There’s never a shortage of content or deals when it comes to PlayStation VR, with SIE announcing a permanent price reduction for the camera and headset bundle last month. New titles coming to PlayStation VR include The Mage’s TaleRick and Morty: Virtual Rick-AlityPixel Ripped 1989Animal ForceKilling Floor: IncursionSalary Man Escape, and many more.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of PlayStation VR, reporting back with the latest updates and announcements.