Mech Combat Title Code 51: Mech Arena Reveals Release Date

Originally Greenlit on Steam in summer of 2017, Code 51: Mech Arena is the results of an effort by Chinese developer Smellyriver to fill the mecha-shaped hole in the virtual reality (VR) videogame line-up.

The developer has now announced that Code 51: Mech Arena will be launched on PlayStation VR on 24th April, 2018, with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift version to follow at an unspecified later date.

Code 51

The developers describe the title as a ‘wasteland-style mech arena title’. The player takes the role of a mech pilot, allowing for seated VR play, and engages in battle with hostile enemy mechs. Code 51: Mech Arena is set to allow for single player or multiplayer, with a single-player story mode, or players can practice battling against an AI bot.

The story takes place after Earth has been through a devastating war that has meant the deaths of much of mankind, done untold damage to the ecosystem and led to a severe lack of resources. Searching desperately for something to help rebuild, and find documents relating to the mysterious ‘Code 51’ energy scattered throughout the world.

This new energy source could be used to create new and powerful forms of technology, including the mechs, which not only reignited the war, but meant the remains of humanity were sent scrabbling to hunt down the remaining Code 51 energy sources.

Different types of mecha will be available so pilots can pick what suits their play style, as each has different specialisations, including speed, defence or attack. The weapons loadout can also be customised with different weapons, like a machine gun, missile launcher or railgun. Four arenas have been confirmed, with Area 51 military base, a warehouse, Siberia and a chemical factory all planned to feature.

Code 51

Further information on the title can be found on the official website for Code 51: Mech Arena. VRFocus will be sure to bring you updates as they become available.