Life In 360°: To Mend And Defend (Kinda)

As a kid growing up computers seemed fascinating. They were other worlds, magical electronic lands where – if only you knew how to programme – anything can happen. Where tiny invisible programs made your lives easier or video games entertained you.

ReBoot: The Guardian CodeIf you grew up in the 1980’s you had Walt Disney film TRON to transport you into the world within the computer itself. On the other hand kids who grew up in the 1990’s had ReBoot.

ReBoot. A CGI animated series set within the ficticious computer system of Mainframe. Named after its Vancouver-based production company Mainframe Entertainment it followed the story of a Guardian program called Bob as he protected his new found friends , their hopes and dreams, and defended them from their enemies. Enemies such as the evilly erudite virus Megabyte and his utterly demented sister Hexadecimal. It went on for three seasons, went away for a considerable time, came back for a fourth season comprised of two mini-movies and then left things on quite the cliffhanger.

As is the entertainment world’s want after much false starting on a continuation of the series the decision was made several years back to, well, reboot ReBoot. Not just reboot it but to reimagine it entirely. That series is ReBoot: The Guardian Code and its…er… on Netflix. That is pretty much the most generous thing I can say about it considering the series pretty much went out of its way to insult the original fans for caring about the brand for so long. Which is an… interesting way to get their support certainly. It’s one-part ReBoot to two parts high-school/teen soap opera to one part Power Rangers and the result has left people scratching their heads somewhat.

On the official YouTube channel for ReBoot: The Guardian Code has however released a number of tie-in 360 degree videos showing off various locations from the first few episodes.

Room Zero

Episode 01, ACTIVATION
“See the Guardians arrive on the Codec for the first time and meet VERA in this 360 Experience.”

“Vector and Megabyte are battling while Cyberlocusts surround you destroying the Power Plant in this 360 Experience.”

Experience this 360-degree view of the Throne Room and see the Centanals up close as Megabytes delivers a commanding speech. 

“You are on the deck of one of Megabyte’s ships when he launches an attack on the Dopple Towers.”