Life In 360°: Going Bike In Time

Something about the last couple of weeks has led me to write, what seems like an endless discussion about time travel and virtual reality (VR). Don’t ask me why this has happened, I seem to be stuck in some sort of time loop. Maybe this is the darkest timeline after all. Is Biff Tanner President yet?

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoWith so much emphasis on the past and future recently I thought it might be an excellent idea to step away from our tendency to focus more on recent 360 degree videos and instead actively search out one from several years ago that we have yet to cover. Fortunately, I didn’t have to go far back through the Google-based time warp to come across one that might well be up your street. Sadly, however the 2015 video from GoPro was actually covered by VRFocus at the time in what I would imagine is one of Peter’s earliest stories.

Instead we’re going to back to 2016 and a topic we actually visited twice on Life In 360° at the time. We covered that year’s Tour de France event from two different viewpoints in June and July that year. First there was the video from Team Sky showing the team training in the run up to the event. That was followed a month later by a video from the organisers of Le Tour themselves. However, GoPro also did their own video of proceedings, being an official supplier to the event.

GoPro have an interesting relationship with 360 degree cameras, whislt keen on the technology they are aware it might not be something the average member of the public would be interested in. “I don’t think it is a 360-camera consumers want.” Said CEO Nick Woodman earlier this year. “I think consumers want an incredibly convenient way to capture and share their lives and want that footage to look mind-blowingly beautiful and professional. If it happens to be a 360 camera that enables that, they will buy that.”

Let’s joint them as they have us take in the atmosphere from the Peloton and some of the more unique perspectives from the Tour de France. VRFocus will be back next week with more Life In 360°.

GoPro VR: Tour de France

Watch Le Tour de France like you've never seen it before! Enjoy this 360 degree atmosphere from the Peloton and stay tuned for more unique perspectives from the Tour!

Posted by GoPro on Sunday, 10 July 2016