Kandao Announce Specialised VR Livestreaming Software

Kandao Live will allow Kandao Obsidian camera users to livestream VR and 360-degree content.

Chinese-based company Kandao Technology have becomes recognised for its range of virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree cameras, such as the Kandao Obsidian, which received a Best of Innovation award at CES 2017. The company is branching out a bit further with the launch of a new streaming service for VR and 360-degree content.

The new service, called Kandao Live, has been designed as a complete live streaming software that can handle up to 8K live broadcasts of 360-degree or 180-degree content, or 4K stereo broadcasts when using multi-camera set-ups.

Kandao Live

Users of the Kandao Obsidian camera will be able to use the software to broadcasts VR experiences without needing HDMI capture cards. The software uses a custom Optical Flow algorithm for instant stitching and real-time preview, to let viewers see the experience clearly without intrusive stitch lines.

Streamers will be able to control the broadcast down to such details as adjusting individual lenses for exposure and ISO, or global changes such as colour correction and Auto Exposure Compensation, with other features such as Real Time Denoise and RGB Curve due to be added in a future update

Users will be able to save as they stream, as the software allows six video streams captured by the Kandao Obsidian to be saved in 4K resolution for later post-production to be shared after the broadcast.

Kandao have aimed for a simple set-up process, where all users will needs is an Obsidian camera, a copy of Kandao Live, Power over Ethernet power source, and a PC with the recommended specification in order to begin broadcasting in VR. The software needs an additional license in order to be used with the Kandao Obsidian S or R camera models, however.

Kandao Live

For users who wish to begin streaming, the following is the recommendation for PC hardware:

  • OS – Windows 10 64-bit
  • CPU i7-5960x or above CPU
  • GPU – Nvidia GTX 1080 or above
  • Memory – 8GB or above
  • Network Adapter – Gigabit Ethernet

Further information can be found on the Kandao Technology website. For further news on Kandao 360-degree and Vr products, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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