It’s Corrugated Hell in Kartong – Death by Cardboard

Scary horror videogames are great in virtual reality (VR), almost as if the technology was designed around immersing players in virtual worlds to scare them half to death. Some developers like to go full bore, jump scares galore that’ll have you hiding in the corner in no time. Or there are those that like to go more psychological, teasing something grim and nasty that’ll chew your face off in the next room yet holding back, letting players own imaginations run riot. Then of course you have the twisted minds of SVRVIVE Studios with its last offering Kartong – Death by Cardboard!it’s just weird, scary weirdness.

Kartong Screenshot 1

You can take the title of the videogame almost literally as there will be death, just not from a measly paper cut. You’re in some nightmarish land that’s a cross between any Tim Burton movie and Alice in Wonderland, wandering around a world made of cardboard.

Each level is its own little individual maze, randomly generated and you have to make it out preferably without encountering some of the twisted inhabitants that lurk within its walls. The image above is a good little introduction to what you’ll find, teddy bears crossed with macabre mechanical parts, or how about little, almost cute looking, gnome creatures that want to hack away your ankles.

Luckily your not defenseless as you can pickup all manner of objects to defend yourself with. Hairpin crossbows, nailguns, rocket launchers, hell you can even spark a match if you think it’ll help. As you progress there a re of course more prizes instore, just as you become better equipped so do the enemies.

Kartong – Death By Cardboard! 01

As VRFocus usually does, we’ve created a little gameplay video to showcase just what Kartong – Death by Cardboard! is all about. Giving you a brief taster of a couple of levels and some of the inhabitants you’re going to come across – and run away from – as you look for a way out. Kartong – Death by Cardboard! is available now through Steam for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Oculus Rift users will also find the title on Oculus Store.