It’s a Fluffy Bonanza in VR Furballs – Demolition

There are so many videogames launching on Steam and its Early Access platform that it can be hard to keep up. So much so that VRFocus doesn’t always get to play or test every release – there’s just not enough time in the day! Yet on occasion when a particular title catches our eye that’s been missed we’ll endeavour to give it some coverage. And that’s the case with Gamily Studios’ VR Furballs – Demolition, a light-hearted, cartoon styled, virtual reality (VR) experience that has similarities to Angry Birds.

VRFurballs Demolition Screenshot_01

As the title suggests, this is a videogame involving furballs, very fluffy furballs. And the aim is to complete a selection of levels by destroying structures with some evil red spiky furballs on. There’s no story explaining why they’re at war, but really do you need one? It’s a puzzle experience about scoring as many points as possible whilst using as fewer furballs as possible.

The current Steam Early Access version features 32 playable levels (there will be 54 in the final version), with nine playable furballs with their own special abilities, six different weapons like a slingshot, tennis rackets or baseball bat to help in the challenge and accessories including a radar or bullet time which can help.

VRFocus previewed the title last week, finding it to be highly addictive (in a good way), and one of the best recreations of Angry Birds in VR, with plenty to do and lots of options available.

VRFurballs Demolition Screenshot_02

So in the gameplay video below VRFocus showcases some of the early levels so not to spoil too much of VR Furballs – Demolition, testing out the slingshot and tennis racket (which is a lot more difficult) as well as several of the different coloured furballs, like the grey one for taking out stone buildings. There’s also a bunch of mini games available plus a level editor for you to create your own designs.

When VR Furballs – Demolition leaves early access VRFocus will let you know. In the meantime keep watching our gameplay videos.