iQIYI To Release World’s First 4K VR Integrated Headset

The marketing-leading online entertainment service in China, iQIYI, has revealed that this May it will officially launch the world’s first 4K virtual reality (VR) integrated headset supporting 8K (7680*3840) panoramic video playback.

This announcement follows the debut of iQIYI’s second generation VR headset, the VR II, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this January. The upgraded version will allow for the 8K panoramic video playback functionality and image rendering technology, combined with a fully upgraded 4K LCD screen with a quick response time to reduce latency. This will provide users with an unprecedented portable 4K movie theater viewing experience.

To help provide users with content, iQIYI will leverage their vast content library to allow the VR II to boast a massive amount of built-in video content including VR panoramic videos and pictures, 3D video, 2D video, iQIYI original VR films and television dramas and even VR videogames. iQIYI’s VR II marks the next step for the company is producing high quality content and products to consumers that is accessible and beautiful.

QIYU-II software screenshot

“Clarity, fluidity, and the sense of immersion in a virtual theater are crucial to the VR experience,” said Mr. Yu Gong, the founder and CEO of iQIYI. “iQIYI’s VR II takes each of these to the next level, with four-times higher resolution than standard 2K screens and a 35% improvement in computing performance. We’re confident our upcoming 4K VR headset will set an entirely new benchmark for VR, and once again transform the consumer entertainment experience.”

Elsewhere the company have been focusing their efforts on providing new ways for consumers to engage with content including software and motion tracking solutions. It was back at CES 2018 that they showcased their 8K Kivi Player, able to recognize VR content in various code formats and able to playback content up to 8K in resolution with ease. The VR II is also integrated with the iMotion position and posture tracking device which utilities armbands, the traditional VR controller can be directly upgrades from three degrees of freedom (3DoF) to 6DoF.

As iQIYI continue to develop new products and solutions to allow for more immersive experiences, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest.