God of War And Star Wars Holochess Come To Life In Free AR Experiences

If you are looking for new and exciting augmented reality (AR) experience to try out on your mobile device then you will be happy to know that both Sony and Disney have some new

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

Star Wars fans will be able to now play a round of Holochess on their mobile device thanks to the newly released gamemode. Previously requiring a Lenovo Mirage AR headset, lightsaber controller, and tracking beacon, Disney’s Star Wars: Jedi Challenges app has now been updates to support ARKit allowing mobile users to access the content without the need for the peripherals.

This new update is being celebrated by Disney releasing the full AR Holochess mode for free, allowing players a chance to live one of the most iconic parts of the Star Wars universe whenever they may be. Thanks the power of ARKit and the rendering power of iOS devices, the Holochess tables has photorealistic graphics and can be viewed from any angle. Each character on the board is a hologram that can be controlled and moved around the board. The Star Wars Holochess gamemode has 18 levels spread across six planets, plus eight unlockable creatures.

God of War Mimir's Vision 01

With the recent release of God of War on the PlayStation 4, God of War: Minir’s Vision is an AR app that allows users a change to explore the impressive world map and uncover lore for the title. Though there is no gameplay to be found within this title, the AR environment is impressive to explore and for those who are looking to play the new God of War release, uncovering some of the lore makes sense. The whole map of Midgard can be manipulated and moved around by moving your mobile device around and then tapping on points of interest to explore them in more depth.

God of War: Minir’s Vision is available on both iOS and Android devices thanks to ARKit and ARCore however the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Holochess gamemode is currently an iOS exclusive. Each app is available to download and enjoy for free from their respective app stores.

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