Future Proof, Not Bulletproof – VRFocus Takes Aim At The Zombie Horde In Time Carnage

Today’s VRFocus gameplay footage takes you through a swirly wormhole to travel through to the far future with Time Carnage, a sci-fi themed shooter that transports the player through various bits of time and space to take down hostile creatures.

Time Carnage puts the player in the role of a time traveller, charged with visiting various points throughout Earth’s history and destroying whatever dangerous creatures you may find there.

Time Carnage screenshot

The first level takes you to the distant year 3032, where a terrible nuclear was has driven most of humanity underground. In the ruins of an American town called Morganville, you will encounter the wretched remnants who were unable to reach safety, afflicted with a gnawing hunger for flesh – yours, to be precise.

Zombies are not the only threat, however, fast-moving four-legged creatures will also charge at you, looking like a cross between a dog and a naked mole rat. To defend yourself you have four weapon slots which you can equip with any of the guns you have unlocked. You also have a force shield, but enough hammering, and it will break, leaving you at the mercy of the monsters.

To begin with only the handgun and sub machine gun are unlocked, but others are made available as you play through the levels, including some hidden weapons that are scattered in various places. Any weapon not currently being held will reload automatically, so the gameplay becomes a case of tracking which weapon currently has to most ammo in it.

As you advance through, you will be taken to new environments, such as a pre-historic forest where you will encounter dinosaurs, or a high-tech futuristic city to fight rogue robots. Each enemy has slightly different behaviours and some need a specific weapon type to efficiently eliminate, so choosing the right weapon loadout is important.

Time Carnage screenshot

11 minutes of footage of Time Carnage in action is available to view below. Be sure to also check out the preview and keep and eye out for the full review which will be here on VRFocus in the next few days.