Full Sail University Announces VR Learning Software for Classrooms

Students at Full Sail University will be able to use the rumii VR platform to collaborate on projects online.

Education is one area that has started to experiment with virtual reality (VR), with various schools and colleges exploring the benefits of VR for learning and training. Full Sail University is becoming the latest educational institution to embrace VR with the announcement of a licensing deal with VR software firm Doghead Simulations.

Full Sail University will be using rumii, a VR collaboration and education tool that will be integrated into classroom environments and online platforms in use by the university.

rumii Doghead Simulations

Full Sail University is a privately-run university based in Florida. The university offers traditional classroom classes as well as online classes that provide more flexibility for students, particularly for those with disabilities. Noting that some students who primarily engage with online classes felt left out of campus life and socialisation, Full Sail University and Doghead Simulations are hoping that rumii will go some way towards both providing a more social environment as well as giving access to tools and features to enhance classes.

“We are so happy to be partnered with Full Sail University, a global leader and pioneer in education. Together we are fundamentally improving the way people communicate and educate. Using the power of VR, we’re implementing immersive rumii learning environments that leverage a student’s natural desires for socializing, achievement, and self-expression. Through our partnership we are re-engaging students in an immersive and social environment to improve distributed education,” said Mat Chacon, CEO of Doghead Simulations.

“We are very excited about the next level of engagement that rumii will bring to our education,” said Isis Jones, CIO and Executive Director of Education at Full Sail University. “Beyond facilitating collaboration, VR education allows for concentrated monotasking learning, which we believe will enhance the retention of information.” Jones further added, “In today’s world where technology and screen time can be distracting, VR allows you to be in the moment and engaged with the subject at hand.”

rumii Doghead Simulations

Further news on VR in education and Doghead Simulations’ other VR projects will continue to be reported here on VRFocus.

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