Fly Over Paris With A Jetpack In One-Of-A-Kind VR Attraction

If you have ever wanted to experience what it would be like to fly over the city of Paris like never before then you are in luck as FlyView has opened a new virtual reality (VR) 360-degree attraction that has visitors flying over the city with a jetpack.

FlyView360 Promo 01

Now open in Paris, the FlyView attraction is designed to give people a chance to see the sights of the beautiful city from the air in a full 360-degree, VR experience. By using sophisticated devices that synchronize the standing platform with the head-mounted displays (HMDs) that visitors wear, they will be able to feel the movements of the jetpack platform as though it were real. Taking off, flying forward, stopping for panoramic views, moving sideways and even dropping down to the next monument. These movements, along with the 360-degree view allows visitors a unforgettable experience.

To achieve all this the team behind FlyView made use of the HTC Vive and the jetpack units that are mounted on actuators to deliver a real life experience that takes visitors on an exhilarating 13 minute ride. From the moment they enter the attraction, which is designed to resemble an airport terminal, visitors will need to check in with flight attendants and wait their upcoming flight. Once ready for takeoff, visitors get into one of 50 units before flying over the city as they rise above the rooftops and experience the sensation of flying like never before.

FlyView360 Promo 02

Though each user will be experiencing the same ride at the attraction thanks to the full 360-degree of view, each person will be focusing on something different. This means that each visitor will be able to pay attention to landmarks they want to see and take in the sights that they want along the flight patch.

“FlyView is my childhood dream of flying and seeing the world from above come true. I hope to share this incredible experience with as many people as possible. This experience brings together poetry and innovation to create another high-quality cultural activity in Paris. I want to offer Parisians and visitors to Paris an exhilarating adventure that is both accessible and unforgettable,” says Arnaud Houette, FlyView founder.

FlyView held their grand opening of the attraction on 31st March, and is now open seven days a week to guests. Head to their website to make a reservation and to check opening times.

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