Flight School Studio Talks Designing Survival and Sarcastic Crabs

The struggle to survive on a deserted island is a classic set-up in fiction, including famous examples such as Swiss Family Robinson and Castaway. Developer Flight School Studio are putting a humorous twist on the idea with Island Time VR.

Island Time VR is a survival/crafting title that strands you an a desert island with only a talking crab to guide you. Simple tasks such as building a campfire are fraught with peril, however as you attempt not to die.

Island time VR 5

Similarly to the comedic, cartoonish stylings of Job Simulator – The 2050 Archives, Island Time VR embraces absurdity. Your supposed guide and helper is Carl the Crab, who mostly spends his time being unhelpful and mocking you when you do something silly, like light yourself and fire.

Nina spoke to Flight School Studio Game Creative Director Adam Volker about how the studio came about, saying that the studio was now just over a year old and that Island Time VR was its second VR title that the studio has produced.

The first was wildly different in both tone and content, the well-regarded horror/mystery title Manifest 99, which involved a train ride into the land of the dead, quite a sharp contrast to the colourful Island Time VR.

According to Volker, the impetus behind the creation was to develop simple mechanics that could be combined and overlapped in interesting ways that can be either beneficial or disastrous. As a result, the developers discovered that players would experiment with what they could do and try out all sorts of options to try and stay alive as long as possible – or just make something hilarious happen.

Island Time - GIF

There are other characters in Island Time VR who also play a role in the gameplay, such as a seagull and even a shark. You can find out more by watching the full interview below, or checking out the Island Time VR review.

As always, VRFocus will bring you further updates on Island Time VR and other new and upcoming VR projects as it becomes available.