Fight Epic Battles With Ancient Fleets and Giants in the Ocean in Ancients AR

At the beginning of this year, Warsaw based studio Immersion partnered up with Vive Studio to create the interior design tool that can simultaneously create 2D floor plans, 3D mockups and full room-scale environments in VR called Truescale. However Immersion is now dipping their toes into augmented reality (AR) with The Ancients AR.

The Ancients AR

The Ancients AR is a real-time strategy videogame aimed primarily at mobile devices that are compatible with Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. Players can control fleets as they try and conquer the world. Commands one of three kingdoms and lead a fleet through a number of sea battles to conquer the world. Choose carefully from various ships and units or bring forth powerful Ancients to cast spells on your opponents. With AR, the player will be able to move through the battlefield – a piece of ocean – and move to their living room floor, bedroom or desk.

The videogame is a result of collaboration with Jakub Różalski, who created the concept art for the giants. These giant entities have different binding to elements, from fire to earth and ice. The ships and fleets are all based on different cultures, and so players might recognise ships from ancient South East Asia, Nordic tribes or Middle Eastern cultures. The Ancients are powerful however require enough energy, prestige and mana to support their existence.

At the start the player will be battle A.I., however Piotr Baczynski, CEO of Immersion says that the next stage is adding multiplayer to allow players to battle one another. To avoid tiring battles and holding your phone or tablet for too long, the battles last only a minute or two. However being able to physically walk around the battlefield will be exciting if dragons suddenly come flying out of your wall or giant monsters attack from the ocean from your kitchen counter.

The Ancients AR is coming to the App Store in May 2018 and will be the first in the Ancients series. The VR version of the videogame is to be released later this year and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details.