Fast Travel Games Talk About Moving Into Mobile VR

Fast Travel Games is a small, independent development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company has recently seen its first success in the virtual reality (VR) sphere will the release of Apex Construct, which received a positive response.

Nina speaks to Kristoffer Benjaminsson, the CTO of Fast Travel Games about the origins of the company, the success of Apex Construct and what the plans are going forward.

Apex Construct

The company was first formed in 2016 by three videogame development veterans, including Benjaminsson, who were excited about the potential of VR and being able to step inside the gaming worlds. Benjaminsson says that the ultimate ambition is to become one of the top studios producing VR videogames.

Apex Construct is an action-adventure-exploration title set in a world that has been ravaged by conflict and left the ruin, with only machines left to wander and patrol the abandoned remains of human civilisation. The player takes the role of one of the only remaining humans, recruited by the AI Fathr to help fight against another AI called Mothr. It is apparent from early on that not everything is as it seems, and you must unravel the mystery whilst using your snazzy futuristic bow and energy shield to protect yourself.

The team at Fast Travel Games wanted to create a videogame that could only be experienced through VR, and were careful to make full use of positional tracking and motion controllers. The team have ambitions to bring Apex Construct to mobile VR platforms, but obstacles such as how to translate that positional tracking to less-capable mobile VR still need to be overcome.

Benjaminsson says that being able to use your hands in VR is important to the VR experience, and perhaps further developments of mobile VR is needed before Fast Travel Games can realise its ambitions of letting players experience its games wherever and whenever.


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