Ever Needed an AR Smartphone Projector? Now There’s Kickstarter Project Count

During CES 2018 in January Yinscorp Ltd. unveiled a new projector, one that’s been designed to work with smartphones as well as offer an interactive element. Called Count, the company has now launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for the device.

Yinscorp Count Projector

The idea behind Count is to take a format everyone knows – smartphones and tablets – and expand upon that functionality in new ways. As a basic projector Count can expand the screen size of handheld devices to easily view YouTube content, downloaded movies or even browsing through your emails.

It’s Count interactive element that sets it apart, allowing users to physically interact with their apps already installed. Additionally, Count has developed several of it own apps to be available at launch for kids. These include African Animals: The Match, a card game where various African animals come to life; Padkaka, a fun way for kids to learn the English language; and The Amazing Show Director where kids can test out their colouring skills in this animated colouring book.

The main base unit features a rotatable dock that fits most smartphones, built-in speaker and microphone, Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity and a built-in table lamp. The projector unit itself has a maximum projection size of 120 inches diagonally, 180-degree rotation, 720p resolution and mirror/flip functionality.

Count Projector

The Kickstarter campaign is seeking to raise $10,000 USD with $6,400 already achieved (at time of writing). There are several tiers for backers to choose from splitting Count down to just the base unit and desk lamp, or just the projector itself. For the entire kit the very limited Super Early Bird offer is your best bet at $409 which includes several apps. Miss that offer and the Early Bird deal will set you back $449 for the same kit. Yinscorp Ltd. lists the standard retail price for Count as $699 so there is a decent saving to be made.

The campaign has until 14th May to succeed. As updates are posted on the funding progress, VRFocus will keep you informed.