Etihad Airways Trialing VR Technology In Dhabi Lounges

Etihad Airways have announced that they are trialing SkyLights Aero Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment technology at its flagship First Class Lounge and Space and Business Class Premium Lounge, at Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Terminal 3.

SkyLights Logo Dark Blue

The trial is to see how the VR technology can be used to improve the inflight and ground experience that customers have when flying with Etihad Airways. As SkyLights is a leading provider of entertainment solutions, the company is working closely with Etihad Airways to leverage the latest cinematic VR technology to be developed in their services.

Linda Celestino, Etihad Airways Vice President Guest Experience and Delivery, said: “As with the Etihad inflight experience, we are constantly investigating ways to enhance our service and hospitality offering on the ground through innovative technology and customisation. By conducting trials such as this, we already understand that modern travellers expect more information and seek increasingly connected and immersive experiences which engage and entertain them on every level. Gone are the days when a premium lounge experience just meant comfortable design, luxurious amenities and fine dining.” 

SkyLights Bravo Headset

With SkyLights Aero VR headsets able to deliver immersive, HD resolution, cinematic experiences in both 2D and 3D, there is a wide range of content that users will be able to experience. With accessibility and ease of use in mind, the technology is able to be enjoyed by anyone that wishes to use it. Furthermore, each headset has over six hours of battery life meaning users can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment such as blockbuster movies without the need to plug in a power cable.

Celestino continued adding: “The development of this type of technology could also allow us to provide more personalisation and end-to-end entertainment solutions across all customer demographics, reinforcing our strategy of providing greater choice at every stage of the customer journey.”

Should the trial go well, Etihad Airways are expected to develop the technology in more locations and provide more experiences that offer richer content for their customers to enjoy. Given that sometimes there can be long waits in departures lounges between flights, providing an immersive way for passengers to pass the time is a promising idea.

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