Enter The Warped World of Torn With New 360-Degree Images

Last month more details on sci-fi/mystery title Torn emerged, courtesy of developers Aspyr Media. Now fans can get a closer look at the environments they’ll be exploring thanks to a series of 360-degree panoramic images of the mysterious mansion and its grounds.

The abandoned mansion and its grounds are the main setting for the Black Mirror and Twilight Zone inspired goings-on that form the central story and mystery of Torn.

The story follows video blogger and urban explorer Katherine Patterson, who stumbles upon the long-forgotten mansion house of Dr Lawrence Talbot. Dr. Talbot was an eccentric physicist who was working on an unspecified scientific breakthrough when he vanished in 1953.

As Patterson explores the interior of the house, she discovered strange machinery of unknown purpose and baffling experiments, soon discovering that Dr. Talbot is not – quite – dead. Instead his disembodied consciousness is trapped inside a strange other dimension known only as The Parallel.

A post by Neill Glancy, Creative Director of New IP at Asyr Media, on the PlayStation Blog shows off some of the locales that players will be visiting once the title is released. The overgrown but nonetheless lush and beautiful grounds of the mansion are shown in detail. Also displayed is the observatory, where a huge radio telescope is located that formed the core of Dr. Talbot’s attempts to find another dimension.

The Music Room is packed with curiosities of the past, such as a strange-looking self-playing organ. There are also abandoned remnants of previous parties where Dr Talbot and his wife Rena entertained guests with card games and music.

Finally, we get a view of The Parallel itself, a strange dimension where the normal laws of physics go out of the window and thoughts can be made real. Discovering the secrets of The Parallel is one of the central mysteries of Torn.

Further news on Torn and other upcoming PlayStation VR titles will continue to be here on VRFocus.