Engines Are Purring As Cat ‘S’ Trophy Lands On Gear VR

We all know that the internet is built on cats. Cat videos, lolcats, cat gifs and even cat-based videogames. Cat ‘S’ Trophy combines classic Mario Kart arcade action with simulation management gameplay plus a lot of cat meme references.

Developer Visible Realms have developed the title to be not only a fountain of references to beloved cat memes, the building block of the modern internet, but also as a fun and friendly casual videogame for Samsung Gear VR owners to pick up and play.

Cat S Trophy

Cat ‘S’ Trophy involves five cat characters, summoned by the almighty Cat God in order to race for the titular Cat ‘S’ Trophy. You are the human helper, tasked with designing the courses and guiding your chosen cat to victory, perhaps putting a few obstacles in the way of the rivals as you go.

What this means in gameplay terms is that you can design your own custom tracks for the cats t race on. Lines are drawn by using a ball of string. After the course is designed to the player’s satisfaction, the racing can begin. The cats can all magically transform into vehicles when the race begins, the noise of engines revving replaced with the soothing sound of purring kitties.

The developers say they have created Cat ‘S’ Trophy to be universally appealing, with friendly graphics, artwork and characters for audiences of all ages, containing gentle humour taken from popular internet memes. The team say they have also taken pains to minimise any simulation sickness issues.

There are other things for players to do as well, such as seek out the hidden Cheeseburgers, or draw out the constellation patterns to unlock some secrets.

Cat ‘S’ Trophy is out now on the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR, priced at £3.99, where it is listed as a single player and multiplayer experience. The launch trailer is available to view below. VRFocus will bring you further news on Cat ‘S’ Trophy as it becomes available.