Creating A Virtual Universe With Blockchain Power

A number of companies have been turning towards Blockchain to solve a variety of problems. Also rising in popularity is use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. A new virtual reality (VR) developer Ukiedo is seeking to combine the two technologies to create a new virtual universe, appropriately named VU.

The goal of VU to to create an immersive virtual world that feels real, featuring non-player characters such as animals that will react and interact with players in intelligent and naturalistic ways.

Ciaran Foley, VR veteran and Founder and CEO of Ukledo said, “Virtual reality demands a fidelity and realism of interaction that we simply haven’t seen yet. Applying simple videogame thinking to rich VR is just not enough to create a satisfying, lasting experience. On the other hand, too much complexity results in an experience that is difficult to get into and lacks fun. We see VU as one of the frontiers of human-virtual interaction.

“Part of the VU strategy involves a virtual token (VU Token) that drives value creation inside the game.” Foley continued, “The pre-sale for VU Tokens is now live for those who want to help build this world and get involved. Early adopters of the game will help support community growth, receive special bonuses and capabilities in-game and be part of a select group of pioneers in the space.”

Former MTV host, video game producer and Founder of Ukledo, Jeroen Van den Bosch said, “Our current test world has been received very positively by the VR community and demonstrates that LivingVR™ technologies increase engagement in new and exciting ways. VU can be played on any VR ready computer or laptop, and is compatible with most major HMD suppliers, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality. Some aspects of gameplay will be accessible through web and mobile platforms.”

Further information can be found on the VU Virtual Universe website. Further news on VU will be covered right here on VRFocus.