Competition: Win A Copy Of Magical VR Puzzler Conjuror’s Eye

If life has taught us anything it’s that when it comes down to it there are things that bind all of us. Common ground that we share and that allows us to sympathise with others, and this isn’t necessarily hobbies, interests, or even what your favourite song is. It can be your faults as well.

Conjurors Eye screenshot3In the Escality virtual reality (VR) videogame Conjuror’s Eye you take on the guise of wizard who, while studying a shrinking spell receives a shiny new package from an old friend. Unfortunately for the wizard in question, they do something that we all do upon receiving it: They don’t read the instructions properly. It turns out there was a warning on the artefact that they received and they end up sucked inside the magical do-hickey. Did I mention the space inside this enchanted item it is constantly shrinking? Because it is.

Naturally, the morning could’ve gone somewhat better for the wizard. So it’s up to you to get them out. You do that by learning the scaling spell the wizard had been investigating and utilizing it to solve puzzles. Many puzzles. There may also be puzzles inside of puzzles – after all sometimes the only way back is to go forwards…

Conjurors Eye screenshot1

We’ve teamed up with Escality to give you the chance to win a code for the title on Steam, which has support for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and also Windows Mixed Reality headsets.  We’ve got three codes to give away, all you need to do to enter is use the Gleam widget below and interact with our social media accounts in some way. You’ll receive a draw entry for being a follower of us on Twitter, one (or another one) for being a subscriber to us on YouTube, or by visiting our Facebook page. We’ve now added our Instagram account to the mix and for a while if you visit it you’ll gain not one but two entries for the draw. And if you then follow the account while you’re there, we can guarantee you won’t get sucked into magical relic this weekend. (Of course, after that you’re on your own.)

The competition is open for approximately a week. Starting today, April 13th, 2018, and will end at midnight UK time, the beginning of April 20th. Winners will be drawn and contacted after that period. Best of luck to all!

Competition: Win A Copy Of Conjuror’s Eye