Competition: Celebrate The PlayStation VR Launch of Operation Warcade By Winning It

If you’re familiar with the usual weekly ‘run’ of content on VRFocus you might be a little surprised to find a competition here on a Wednesday. Over the last couple of months, we’ve been pretty regular in having a prize draw giveaway for codes every Friday. Giving you the chance to acquire virtual reality (VR) videogame codes for everything from PlayStation VR to Gear VR titles. In fact, at the time of writing we still have a couple of days left on our last one, for a couple of EU PSVR codes for Time Carnage.

Operation Warcade screenshotBut I’ve got good news, there’s still going to be a Friday competition. This week we’ve got an extra one, courtesy of the good folks at Ivanovich Games.  They are the developers behind Operation Warcade VR, a title that takes the spirit of a classic arcade favourite and gives it a VR twist.

Operation Warcade VR looks to invoke memories of classic wartime shooters, the Operation Wolf‘s of the world. Where you stood in front of an arcade cabinet with nothing but a swivel-mounted representation of an uzi with an extra button to pop a grenade off every now and then to lay waste to an enemy force. You’re a one-man-army. Nothing can stop you. Operation Warcade VR has six levels full of bullets, explosions and arcade nostalgia. Alternatively you can take on the trials of Immersive Mode, which contains over 100 missions. The team even added a Half-Life 2-style gravity gun to proceedings, allowing you to do things like rip military drones out of the sky.

“Operation Warcade is my childhood dream.” CEO and Founder of Ivanovich Games, Ivan Cascales explained in an announcement last month. “A declaration of love to the golden age of the arcades. An injection of nostalgia that, thanks to VR, we can relive in unparalleled conditions from 30 years ago.”

Operation Warcade VR

To celebrate the title’s anticipated launch onto the PlayStation VR we’ve teamed up with Ivanovich Games to give you the chance to win four codes for the title. The codes are for the European region – so you’ll need a EU PlayStation account in order to claim and play them.  All you need to do to enter is use the Gleam widget below and interact with our social media accounts in some way. You’ll receive a draw entry for being a follower of us on Twitter, one (or another one) for being a subscriber to us on YouTube, or by visiting our Facebook page. Regular readers will know we’ve recently added our Instagram account to the mix and if you visit that you’ll gain not one but two entries for the draw. Of course, if you then follow the account while you’re there, that’d be pretty swell from our point of view.

The competition is open for around a week. Starting today, April 11th, 2018, and will end at midnight UK time, the beginning of April 18th. Winners will be drawn and contacted after that period. Best of luck to all!

Competition: Win A Copy Of Arcade-Inspired Shooter Operation Warcade VR