Cause Some Carnage as Project Rampage VR Smashes onto Gear VR and HTC Vive

The movie tie-in virtual reality (VR) title Project Rampage VR, lets players create monster mutations and unleash destruction across the world as you smash your way through Chicago and Paris.

ProjectRampageVR Screenshot 01

Developed by Sticky Studios in partnership with Warner Bros., the title is an extension of the upcoming movie of the same name staring Dwayne Johnson. Once you enter the Project Rampage VR title you will be able to use CRISPR technology to create monster mutations in the Energyne’s lab before unleashing them on the world. Once done, you can jump into the shoes of George, Ralph and Lizzie as you run, climb, throw and smash through Chicago and Paris.

All the chaos that players will be able to carry out is in the spirit of the original videogame that both the VR experience and the film are based on. Every action will earn points and with a number of different challenges available to complete in order to earn bonus points, players will be unleashing destruction for quite some time.

ProjectRampageVR Screenshot 02

This is not the first VR experience to be released based on a movie featuring Dwayne Johnson as Jumanji: The VR Adventure was released released late last year. Inviting players to experience the world of Jumanji in an immersive experience that was released alongside the film with plans to release in VR arcades also revealed.

Elsewhere Warner Bros. released an augmented reality (AR) app titled Rampage AR Unleashed which allows users to bring the characters from the film into the real world. Watch as monsters like George unleash destruction in your local city, famous landmarks and more. Thanks to the freedom of AR technology and mobile devices, the world is your canvas as you unleash your monsters and witness pure chaos.

Project Rampage VR is currently available for HTC Vive on Steam VR and Samsung Gear VR via the Oculus store and is completely free to download so there is nothing stopping players experiencing the movie before it releases. The movie Rampage, staring Dwayne Johnson will be releasing on 20th April.

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