Blockchain-Powered VR World Decentraland Partners With OPSkins Marketplace

The world of Decentraland has been created to be appealing for aspiring virtual reality (VR) content creators. The Blockchain-based VR world has now partnered with OPSkins and WAX in order to make its assets available on the OPSkins marketplace, to make it even easier to construct VR experience within Decentraland.

Decentraland was designed to be a decentralised VR platform that let users create and monetise VR content, including videogames and applications. The mission statement was to offer a VR world that was owned by the creators.

The structure of Decentraland involves thousands of 10 square meter parcels of virtual space. These parcels are represented by a LAND token, which is identified by coordinates in the real world, which users can purchase to build and publish 3D content on the LAND. The real-world coordinated determine how much visibility and visitors each LAND parcel receives.

Once the structure is finalised, the governance and infrastructure of Decentraland will be fully free from corporate control. This is being done by using tools and platforms including Ethereum and InterPlanetary File System. The LAND tokens will be tracked on the Ethereum network, allowing them to be bought and sold like other digital assets.

“The team here at Decentraland is extremely excited to be partnering with OPSkins,” said Ari Meilich, Project Lead of Decentraland. “Listing our LAND from Decentraland on the OPSkins marketplace is a great step toward expanding the exchange of Crypto Collectibles and other unique digital assets.”

“Blockchain-based non-fungible virtual items add an exciting and lucrative new concept to the cryptosphere,” said Malcolm CasSelle, CIO of OPSkins and President of WAX. “Decentraland is helping further establish the Crypto Collectible marketplace, which OPSkins and WAX are excited to be key players in developing. The integration of Decentraland onto the OPSkins platform creates additional utility for WAX Tokens and incentivizes more players to join the ecosystem.”

Further information can be found on the Decentraland website. As always, VRFocus will keep you up to date with the latest developments in VR.