BANC3 Announces Selection For Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Award

BANC3, one of the leading companies in augmented reality (AR) products has been selected for a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program for “Augmented / Mixed Reality for Live Fire Rangers.”

BANC3 Company Logo

BANC3 is a rapidly growing C4ISR defense contractor whose core technical areas include AR, EOIR, Sensor system development/integration, software and hardware along with rapid prototyping of systems from initial concept through to deployed system support. With a strong focus on research and development to realise the potential of AR within many applications and solutions, BANC3 have been focusing their developments on this immersive media.

After the success of its Phase I research, BANC3 will now develop a head mounted display (HMD) and AR software that will revolutionize U.S. Army Basic Rifleman Marksmanship training by replacing traditional silhouette targets with virtual targets. The enhancements will provide advanced training scenarios while reducing the required maintenance of managing the targets of a firing range.

The AR prototype is being designed to take advance of the innovative technology alongside providing more complex scenarios, including low light condition, obscurants and realistic target behavior all during a life fire training exercise. The solution that BANC3 are developing addresses major technical challenges including: highly accurate heading tracking to correctly adjust the simulated target positions, real-time object recognition to compensate for occlusion for the weapon sight and other objects, and helmet mounted display optics and sensors that are small and light enough to avoid impacting on the shooter’s head position and aim.

BANC3 are committed to developing this AR technology for the US Army to improve the quality and realism of their basic marksmanship training. The company also envisions on a promising commercialization path for the technology. including integration with the US Army training ranges, transfer of the technology to the USMC training ranges and ultimately, transition to civilian law enforcement training ranges.

BANC3 have been developing solutions for military application for some time and investing into the ways that AR technology can be leveraged to create immersive and effective products. With the latest development for the live fire rangers, BANC3 could take the training of U.S. Army Basic Rifleman Marksmanship training to a new level.

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