AR, VR & MR Equity Crowdfunding Platform SeedingVR Launches in EU

SeedingVR has today launched as an equity crowdfunding platform specific to the virtual reality (VR) industry. The platform is now open to European investor registrations, with initial campaigns set to be launched within a couple weeks.

The equity crowdfunding service on SeedingVR.co.uk is specific to European startups and European investors, and will allow anyone within Europe to buy shares for as little as £100 GBP. Investors can expect investment opportunities within a wide variety of verticals from marketing, gaming, aerospace, education and film, to manufacturing, healthcare, retail, architecture, tourism and real estate, though no specific product campaigns have yet been announced.

“The VR industry is one of the most dynamic industries since the advent of the internet and the potential to disrupt everyday lives and activities is exciting. Proof is in the money trail. Billions of venture capital has been poured into the industry in 2017 alone,” said Jason Ballor, CEO of SeedingVR. “The VR fan base is large, global and almost fanatical. But yet, no single space catering to individuals looking to invest or raise funds existed. We wanted to create a dedicated equity crowdfunding platform to make it easier for individuals to not only find, but to invest in the VR projects they are passionate about,” said Jason Ballor.

The launch of equity crowdfunding specific to AR, VR and MR is a highly targeted asset to assist entrepreneurs get funding and exposure from passionate investors, who in exchange will get access to some of the most exciting VR tech in Europe. Typical crowdfunding platforms operate on the basis of donating to a project in exchange for rewards, which is very different to making an investment. With SeedingVR’s equity crowdfunding, for each pound you invest you get a specific amount of company ownership, and should the startup go on to do great things you as a shares owner are entitled to a piece of that success.

VRcadesThrough SeedingVR.co.uk entrepreneurs can raise a minimum of £150k and a maximum of £4.3m on the platform. Investors can invest as little £100 or up to the full targeted amount, depending on his or her investor registration classification. As stated above, no specific investment opportunities have yet been revealed, however VRFocus will keep you updated with future campaigns on the SeedingVR platform.