AiSolve Announce New WePlayVR Arena and Videogame Clock Tower

UK-based virtual reality (VR) content producer AiSolve launched their modular location-based VR attraction WePlayVR last year in May and now have a new title making its debut next month at Deal 2018 in Dubai.

AiSolve Alien Invasion pod graphic

Alongside the debut of Clock Tower, the videogame will also be shown off with the newest gaming arenas for WePlayVR. This follows the successful launch last year and the new product line will include a new 4x4m multiplayer version of WePlayVR that will offer new opportunities for player engagement. Thanks to the size it will be able to host up to eight players and is powered by AiSolve’s operation system that will ensure the multiplayer WePlayVR is the same intelligent gaming portal as the original, but now with more players. The eight player counter is achieved by having four people play inside the arena with VR head-mounted displays (HMD) with four others playing outside on motions.

A new leaderboard feature is also being added to the new WePlayVR allowing players to track their achievements and monitor opponents, building competition between them that is sure to offer more engagement and enjoyment. The leaderboard feature is also designed to encourage returning players which will be a benefit to venues as well. The feature will also be coming to the classic 3x3m WePlayVR which will now host up to two players at a time, plus two motion sear pairings.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our gaming catalogue for the third time since launching WePlayVR less than a year ago,” said AiSolve CEO Devi Kolli in a statement. “It’s such an accomplishment to already have three exciting game titles under our belt and a new 4x4m multiplayer platform. We are confident that this latest WePlayVR arena, combined with its new interactive features, is a game changer for not only virtual reality but the gaming industry as a whole. We focused on giving users a thrilling experience, boosted by the ability to host up to eight players at a time, equipped with motion seats and a leaderboard system. This gives a fantastic ROI for operators, allows more people to enjoy the action and keeps them coming back to beat the high scores.”

AiSolve WePlayVR Arena1

Their new title, that will launch with the new WePlayVR, Clock Tower, is an interactive puzzle platformer where players need to complete a selection of tasks before time runs out. Players will become immersed in the world of the Clock Tower and will move through different levels within the realm, followed by a guide that provides hints to help players complete each puzzle before moving forward. A teaser trailer for the title is available to watch below.

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