8Bit Goose Games Showcase Upcoming VR Sailing Title

Developer 8Bit Goose Games is working on a first-person virtual reality (VR) sailing title and after a long break has released a new devlog video that shows the core systems working in VR.

8Bit Goose Games Sailing Game 02

In the latest devlog video published on his YouTube channel, 8Bit Goose Games is overjoyed to reveal that after months of hard work that a number of problems around the ropes within the title are now resolved. As the title is aiming to recreate an authentic sailing experience the ropes are a fundamental element to being able to achieve this. In past devlog videos the ropes have not performed as intended and even cut through objects making it next to impossible to have an authentic result. Now, after all that hard work 8Bit Goose Games has achieve a realistic rope within their title that sees the foundation of the project now complete.

Their is currently no release date for 8Bit Goose Game’ sailing title but now that the core mechanics are working the plan is to preform some testing, improvements to performance and start to build gameplay content into the title. This will include the option to take part in races, complete challenges and with see a number of new assets added to the title to replace the current models and textures. Their are also plans to add multiplayer to the title though it was only mentioned in passing in the latest devlog.

8Bit Goose Games Sailing Game 03

Elsewhere, 8Bit Goose Games has always released the Building Crafter tool for the Unity engine that allows users to generate buildings designed for use in first-person project with speed. The tools allow the user to draw a floor plan for the building and then generate a number of different elements that save plenty of time when creating 3D environments, all within the engine meaning their is no need for an external 3D modeling program.

The upcoming sailing title from 8Bit Goose Games is in development for the HTC Vive and is planned to release on Steam though no conformation on these details has been released yet. You can watch the complete Devlog below.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from 8Bit Goose Games in the future.