8 Circuit Studios Looks To Create Connected Digital Metaverse

The transparent, distributed nature of blockchain and its ability to track transactions and objects across vast networks has opened up possibilities in many industries, with several in the immersive technology space already beginning to take advantage. One of these is 8 Circuit Studios, who are planning on using blockchain to create a new, interconnected virtual universe.

Founded by industry veterans from Nintendo, Blizzard, Microsoft and Electronic Arts, 8 Circuit Studios is attempting to create new kind of digital ecosystem which utilises blockchain to allow videogame fans along with developers and publishers to collaborate.

The idea is to create a ‘Metaverse’ similar to the digital worlds created by William Gibson, or featured in Ready Player One which lets players enter and explore various virtual environments while maintaining a consistent and privacy protected avatar and carry with them various objects collected along the way.

“At 8 Circuit Studios, we believe that games are portals to new worlds and experiences,” said James Mayo, Navigator and President of 8 Circuit Studios. “By leveraging the power of blockchains and cryptocurrency, game developers finally have the last piece necessary to build a functional Metaverse. Step one is making blockchains easy and fun to use, while the second step is showing people they can actually own their digital stuff in a completely new way. With blockchains, players never have to ask for permission from an authority to give, trade or even sell their digital assets.”

Key to this is the idea of Smart Game Objects, which can be owned a stored along with cryptocurrency in a virtual wallet space. It is hoped this will break down barriers between virtual worlds and open up new monetisation possibilities for developers and publishers.

Two videogames are currently in development to illustrate this technology – Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain, which will be released some time in Spring 2018, and D-PARC, which is planned for release in 2019.

Further news on the development of the 8 Circuit Studios Metaverse will be here on VRFocus.