5 Historical Events And Time Periods You Can Visit In VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is a tool that can be used for complete immersion into a number of different experiences. Everything from horror videogames to simulating the experience of flying. There are a wealth of user experiences to try in VR. As VR applications become more realistic and as more genres are explored, it’s possible to give VR users the chance to take on new experiences.

TimelooperOne of the most popular new applications that VR users are enjoying is an app called Timelooper. This application allows individuals to completely immerse themselves in historical scenes from the past. Timelooper can help to place people into accurate historical scenes where they can experience them from a first-person view.

Timelooper isn’t the only way to experience history from the perspective of VR of course, you can also can find excellent immersive content on YouTube.

Both app and service can be fantastic for education and for helping people truly feel like time travelers! If you are interested in trying Timelooper or other history video content, here are some five historical events and time periods that you can currently visit in VR:

Washington’s Inaugural – 1789

Experience Washington’s inauguration in the year 1789 through the Timelooper app. This re-creation was filmed on location in period costume and it is truly a unique moment in history where you can step back and experience the inauguration of the first president of the United States. If you are a presidential history buff or you are simply interested in what public gatherings were like in the year 1789, this is a wonderful experience to try.

Timelooper - Washington's InaguralPearl Harbor – 1941

Experiencing the attacks on Pearl Harbor firsthand is possible thanks to a TIME magazine experience that has been published on YouTube. In a 360° video you can listen to a veteran retelling their experiences over some stunning visuals in a beautiful tribute to those that lost their lives. Although this is a short experience it can truly leave an impact.

The John Lennon Memorial – 1980

This experience which dates back to the year 1980 is a 360° immersive experience of what it would be like to attend the John Lennon Memorial. With scenes filmed at the time and remastered into a 360° experience, you attend John Lennon’s Memorial first-hand just like a time traveller. This is another experience built just for Timelooper VR.

Dunkirk – 1940

In the Dunkirk VR Experience also published by Time magazine, you can go through a four minute journey of what the beaches of Dunkirk were like during this bloody battle. This experience places you on the beach with British forces as you are waiting to be picked up. It can be haunting but an incredible VR experience to visit. It was created as a preview for the Dunkrik film by Christopher Nolan and features many of the same costumes and sounds that were found in the film. If you are a fan of this film or if you are a history buff interested in this event from World War II, this could be an experience that you should try first.

Life As A Viking – c.800-1050

See what a true Viking battle was like from a 360° camera that was brought into a re-enactment fighting pit. With a gigantic group of 600 reenactors all armed with real axes and swords, you can join in the immersion and see what a true Viking battle would be like. National Geographic filmed this re-enactment on location at the Wolin Festival. The sounds and the visuals make you feel as though you are clashing swords with everyone first-hand!

Keep in mind that VR is now making it easier for anyone to transport themselves into a number of incredible experiences. With the help of immersive content you can find in Timelooper and Youtube, you can feel like a time traveler and see what it was like to be at each one of these important moments in History!