YouVisit Launches AR College Tour Experience

YouVisit, a leading immersive technology company, has launched a new augmented reality (AR) application for college tours that is available to over 100 million Android devices thanks to Google’s ARCore.

YouVisit Campus AR Showcase Screenshot 02

YouVisit Campus AR Showcase allows a user to take an immersive and fully virtual tour of a campus of their choice. The University of Pittsburgh is among one of the first to be featured in the app and will allow users to explore it in its entirety all within the app. Having worked closely with Google, YouVisit are among one of the first AR experiences to be launched on Android making use of ARCore.

The app gives users a bird’s-eye view of the University of Pittsburgh campus along with the City of Pittsburgh as if they were set up as highly detailed models in the users room. Prospective students and their families can then move around freely and explore the buildings and the city through their tablet or phone. By tapping on interactive elements, the user is able to learn more about the campus and key areas of interest. As the city is a key part of any University of Pittsburgh student’s daily life, the app has been designed to help viewers imagine what a day in the city will be like.

YouVisit Campus AR Showcase Screenshot 03

“AR represents a new frontier in immersive media, as well as a powerful new way to tell stories and captivate viewers,” said Abi Mandelbaum, CEO of YouVisit. “We’re thrilled to have worked with Google on this and to have created a forward-thinking AR app.”

YouVisit have experience creating virtual reality (VR), AR and 360-degree immersive experiences for both companies and organizations worldwide, offering tailor made solutions to fit any need, including the Russian Fashion Week. Taking advantage of ARCore and leveraging the 100 million devices that are supported by it, YouVisit have opened up the doors to prospective students to explore campuses like never before and have a direct influence on their decision making right from the comfort of their own home.

“Although great options for gaming and entertainment are coming to AR, we feel there’s also a huge opportunity for businesses and organizations to provide more immersive, memorable experiences to their target audiences,” added Mandelbaum. “In working with us to create this experience using ARCore, Google shows that they share our vision.”

The YouVisit Campus AR Showcase is available to download on the Google Play Store right now.

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