Working in VR/AR and Looking for Investment? VRinFocus is the Place to be

A unique twist on an immersive technology conference and expo is coming up with VRinFocus, which will offer exciting opportunities for innovative start-up companies and investors interested in the VR/AR sector, who will have the chance to interact with those on the other side of the investor divide.

VRinFocus is being presented by VRFocus in partnership with InvestVR in London, and is planned to be an event that will offer a wide spread of speakers, exhibitors and networking opportunities for companies and investors from the VR/AR/MR industries in UK and Europe.

VRinFocus splash

For investors who are attending the event, VRFocus will be inviting pre-vetted high-quality start-up companies. A broad range of innovative, immersive technologies will be on display, covering not just videogaming and entertainment but a variety of business sectors who are keen to get involved in the exciting developments made possible by the new technology.

Investors and start-up companies will be carefully matched, and there will be a number of opportunities for investors and start-up companies to talk during the specially focussed 1-day event, complete with great talks from industry experts who will provide insight into the immersive technology industry, which is undergoing continued growth and development as more and more businesses recognise the possibilities presented by immersive technology.

For start-up businesses, they will have the chance to meet up with investment firms and individuals who want to get involved with the developing immersive technology sector. Start-up companies who are providing innovative and interesting new products and services in VR and AR will have the chance to get specialised coaching and mentoring, as well as opportunities to showcase their projects and network with investors and other businesses to build networks in order to develop opportunities for the future.

The VRinFocus event will take place on 25th April, 2018 at De Vere Grand Connaught, 61-65 Great Queen Street, London. Free start-up booths for VRinFocus can be claimed by emailing info@vrinfocus.co. Further information and the chance to request an invite to VRinFocus can be found on the official VRInFocus website.

For more information, please contact:

Kevin Joyce, CEO, Editor at VRFocus: kjoyce@vrfocus.com
Itay Ron, Chief Startup Relations at InvestVR: itay@vrinfocus.co

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