Western Gunslinger Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR Shoots its way out of Early Access This Week

It was only less than two weeks ago that videogame developer MiroWin rolled out its third and final update for its first-person shooter (FPS) Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Now the studio has announced that the official release date is fast approaching, with the virtual reality (VR) title scheduled to launch on 8th March, 2018.

Guns n Stories Bulletproof VR new image2

While ‘Act III’ introduced a couple of new weapons, three levels and the final part of the campaign, the fully released title will add even more additions for players.

Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR will receive new six bonus levels which will only unlock after the main storyline is completed. These are:


  • A hot spot that that may not survive the attack of bandits.
  • Players will have to keep the defense of the building trying to eliminate all enemies not allowing the heated bandits inside the building.
  • New enemies: Naked giants with hearts over their heads

Whiskey Storage:

  • Our whiskey is under the threat
  • Bandits aim to stop the loading of boxes with whiskey on the rail station using a new type of drones. You can’t lose your whiskey!
  • New enemies: Drones wearing sombreros.

Happy Farm:

  • You have to protect the Bill’s barn with his favorite piggy inside!
  • Bandits decided to harm Bill, sending to his farm squads with explosives.
  • New enemies: Bombers with dynamite.

Bandits Camp:

  • Sweet revenge!
  • Bill decides to take revenge on the robbers for the farm and strikes back! Bill is consistently teleported to the key points of the Camp, smashing everything on his way.

Bank Robbery:

  • There is no good without a bank robbery!
  • The gold stock of the entire state is under the threat, and the situation cannot be solved without Bill and his beloved guns.
  • All your reaction speed is required here. Your enemies can die from 1 or 2 nice shots but their shots do double-damage.

Bill’s Nightmare:

  • Well, hell!
  • Bill sees a nightmare in which he finds himself in the cemetery..
  • New enemies: Don’t worry, there will be no tiresome zombies.
  • New weapon: Six-barrel machine gun “Best Friend”

Guns n Stories Bulletproof VR new image4

That’s not all, as the videogame will include several new features such as a switchable indication the inflicted damage, a new Star rating system which will be allotted upon completion of each level, and plenty of achievements to unlock.

Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR will be available from 8th March, 2018, on both Steam and Oculus stores for $19.99 USD. For any further updates from the MiroWin team, keep reading VRFocus.