VRgineers and Leap Motion are Creating a Professional VR Headset With Integrated Hand Tracking

There’s a constant drive to improve virtual reality (VR) headsets. At the moment it seems to be towards standalone devices like Vive Focus or Oculus Go, but there are those looking to up the high end stakes like Pimax and its 8K device. Today,¬† VRgineers and Leap Motion have announced a new partnership with the aim of creating an¬†enterprise-grade VR headset with integrated hand tracking.

VRHero 5K Plus_headset3
VRHero 5K Plus Headset

VRgineers¬†is a VR engineering company that specialises in developing professional headsets as an enterprise platform for engineering and design professionals. Currently the two companies are working on integrating Leap Motion‘s hand tracking technology into¬†VRgineers’ next generation headsets with the aim of bringing them to market later this year.

“Embedding Leap Motion’s next generation hand-tracking technology directly into future VRgineers headsets will allow professional users to interact with¬†VR applications completely naturally using their hands,” says¬†Marek Polcak, CEO and co-founder of VRgineers. “Having this technology is especially important for us because our high-resolution headsets allow users to see 170¬ļ horizontally. Now they can move their virtual hands throughout the headset’s entire field of view without losing sight of them.”

“Hand tracking is essential to the future of VR experiences. VRgineers is pushing the envelope of what’s possible in VR image quality and fidelity, and embedding Leap Motion technology adds a new dimension to that sense of immersion and realism,” adds¬†Michael Buckwald, CEO and co-founder of Leap Motion.

VRHero 5K Plus headset2
VRHero 5K Plus Headset

There have been no further details released regarding the new headset including specification or design. The images shown here are of¬†VRgineers’ current head-mounted display (HMD), the¬†VRHero¬†5K¬†Plus. This¬†features double Quad HD OLED displays, with a¬†5K¬†resolution, full 24bit RGB colours, custom-built optics and 170¬ļ FOV.

“VR as an enabler of totally new ways to work is a major disruptor across all industries. Our combined technology creates a new professional tool that will accelerate this revolution,” adds¬†Martin Holecko, VRgineers co-founder.¬† “VRgineers’ mission is to empower trailblazing professionals with cutting-edge VR technology, and together with Leap Motion we will bring enterprise VR forward to new levels.”

When VRgineers and Leap Motion release further details about the new HMD, VRFocus will keep you updated.