Tanks A Lot! Battlezone Is Free To Play This Weekend on Oculus Rift

The arcade virtual reality (VR) videogame about stepping into the cockpit of the most powerful tank ever built, Battlezone is free to play this weekend.

Battlezone image

Developed by Rebellion, the creative minds behind titles such as Sniper Elite and the Battlezone franchise, brought their hit title back with a new coat of paint in the VR release of Battlezone. Players take control of the Cobra – the most powerful tank ever built – and experience a first-person, immersive arcade title all within VR. With neon-scarred sic-fi landscapes and campaign for up to four player to enjoy together, Battlezone is a landmark VR title.

Available to try for free this weekend, along with being on sale, players can experience the whole title with it’s limitless single player and co-operative gamemodes, a devastating arsenal of weapons and special equipment to play with and loads of upgrades to make their tank even more powerful. The title also includes a classic mode allowing players to experience the joy of two-track controls and a worldwide leaderboard to compete against others for the top score.


VRFocus’ Senior Writer Peter Graham reviewed Battlezone’s initial launch on PlayStation VR, saying: “Battlezone is arcade VR action at its finest, with options galore allowing players to uniquely hone their combat strategies. With both extensive single-player and multiplayer modes there’s enough here for countless hours of gameplay, so you can comfortably sit cocooned inside these rolling machines of destruction and never get bored, because quite frankly, it’s too much fun.”

The free weekend of Battlezone is running from now until 8am BST on Monday, 26th March and is available via the Oculus store use with the Oculus Rift. Those on PlayStation VR and HTC Vive will not be able to take part in the free weekend sadly as it is only available via the Oculus store.

Battlezone has proven to be a solid title that is worth anyone’s time and was even named one of VRFocus’ Best Oculus Rift Games Of 2017 along with the likes of Robo Recall by Epic Games and Lone Echo from developer Ready at Dawn.

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