VR Film: A Cinema Inside Your Head

When many people think of virtual reality (VR) applications, their thoughts return to the idea of videogames or immersive experiences like simulations. VR headsets utilise some of the best in display technology today and what many VR users are discovering, is these devices can be excellent for creating a home theater experience even on a budget.

VR headsets are changing the way that people are viewing video content. Not only is there a wealth of unique streaming content available for VR devices, like up close and personal views on sporting events, but many users are even plugging in their VR headsets for applications like Netflix and regular content streaming.

VR headsets can be extremely immersive for watching any type of video. Just like with the simulation programs that bring you right into the action, a VR headset can help to play any 2-D film on a screen that is so immersive it’s like being at the theater. With the high quality sound or a pair of surround sound headphones, it’s possible for users to get virtually the same experience that they would in the theater all with a VR headset that is considerably cheaper to set up.

Building a cinema screen with surround sound in your home could be a dream of yours but with the cost of a high quality speaker system, a large screen television and then a device capable of offering quality surround sound and picture, you could be spending hundreds if not thousands of pounds more. You could equip yourself and even a guest with a high-quality virtual screen for a cinema experience on VR.

Why should you watch films on a VR device?

It can truly feel like being at the theater:

When you go to the theater you expect to see a giant screen that fills your entire field of view. A VR device is designed specifically to fill an entire field of view with an HD screen that is generally even better than a theater experience. The screen on a VR device can be just like sitting in an IMAX film and with an even higher quality picture.

The sound can be immersive:

Using a high-quality video file and a pair of high definition headphones, you can get the same results that you would experience from a theater surround sound system. The sounds of the films can easily offer a premier cinema experience, especially when paired with VR or a VR headset that has high definition sound included.

Watching VR films is quite easy:

With a digital movie that you download or pay for from a company like iTunes, you can perform quick conversions using some applications to have zero issues with watching VR films on a mobile phone VR headset. Converting files into a VR/SBS format has become easier than ever before through apps like iVROX VR player, Go VR and Moon VR that you can download for free on Google Play Store or App Store.

It is like having a full theatre on the go:

A VR headset can often be paired with a gaming console, used with a smartphone or even used with a desktop computer. This is far more portable than bringing along a full sized home surround sound system and a big-screen television wherever you may be. You can get the same cinema quality experience with items that could easily fit along with you on holidays or as you travel.

As you can see, watching video content on VR headsets can be one of the best ways to get an immersive entertainment experience today. If you have a VR headset and you haven’t watched a feature-length film, you should give it a try today!