VR Creator Nathalie Frederiksen Experiments With XR

Cross Reality, or XR, is a confusing term for many. It is becoming increasingly common to use XR as a catch-all, a reference to hardware which combines aspects of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). This is the technology crossroads that content creator Nathalie Frederiksen is experimenting with as she works on producing her new immersive project, Global X.

Nathalie Frederiksen recently announced a separate project called Innovatus, which would blend artificial intelligence (AI) with VR and cinematic performance art. Though full details on Global X have not yet been revealed, the XR experience is said to be a combination of sensory interfaces such as haptics along with VR or MR visuals and 4D immersive sound.

Nathalie Frederiksen

Frederiksen has stated her beliefs that a high-quality VR experience should be something akin to jumping into a favourite dream. Frederiksen has taught herself about VR content creation, picking up knowledge from art, entertainment, technology and music spaces with the aim of bringing these elements together in a way that transcends technology: Frederiksen said, “I don’t tell traditional stories in VR, I tell stories that demand VR.”

With Global X, Frederiksen wishes to create beautiful music experiences by bringing together creative talent from around the world. Frederiksen has said that the future is upon us, and that we stand at the beginning of a technological revolution.

As she said recently upon receiving a prize for her work on VR experience The Others: “I’m honored to be named as one of the winners. To be recognized for my work in the virtual reality community confirms my belief that these markets and industries are incredibly important in VR and AR both creatively and for innovation, creativity and growth. I am so proud of the VR industry and will always be there to support my peers to further our industry in growth and advocacy.”

Virtual reality experience

For further news on Global X and other new and innovative XR projects, keep checking back with VRFocus.