VR Adventure Title Cloudborn Leaves Early Access

Released into Early Access a few months back in 2017, Cloudborn has finally reached a key milestone and released in full.

Cloudborn 1.0 01

Cloudborn is an immersive adventure title in which players need to climb through the remains of a lost civilization to discover a hidden fate. Making use of the ‘Momentum’ locomotion system, players need to make their actions count as they traverse through the world. With climbing, swinging and even grabbing objects all part of the movement system, players will be scaling anything and everything as they progress to the top. Coming out of Early Access means the title is now in a finished state that has seen plenty of work to ensure it is the best it can be.

Announced on the Steam page for the title, the update out of Early Access has been a long time coming and sees Cloudborn getting a number of improvements. The main focus for the update into a full release has been the artwork, seeing improvements to the shaders allowing for better visuals across the board. These improvements also mean that the performance of each one has been optimized to ensure an increased framerate with the same being applied to the lighting which has been redone as well. Elsewhere players can look forward to a number of bug fixes, optimizations to sound and gameplay, plus enhancements to gameplay mechanics and new props.

Cloudborn 1.0 02

With refinements found in the look, feel, performance and locomotion of Cloudborn the developers at Logtown Studios have done a grand job seeing the development through to this point. As part of the update the developer also released a few numbers from the project which showcase some of the work that has gone into the development of the title. This includes 2,064 art assets produced , 70,289 lines of code written, 1 baby born during the development cycle and 1,171 bags of tea consumed.

The release of Cloudborn out of Early Access is not the end of the story however as Logtown Studios has confirmed that work will continue with plenty of post-launch updates planned.

Cloudborn is currently available on PC via Steam for only £6.59 GBP down from £10.99 until the 9th March. The title supports both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. For more on Cloudborn in the future, keep reading VRFocus.