VR Action Shooter Title STAR SOD Reveals Release Date

Upcoming virtual reality (VR) action shooter STAR SOD, that tasks players will eliminating key targets on behalf of mysterious group has a release date.


In STAR SOD players are abducted by the mysterious STAR group and forced to do their dirty work. This involves eliminating key targets of the Space Trading Association that will test players ability to survive. The title features a number of weapons for players to use on their assassination mission and even have the power to dodge incoming fire in slow motion, making them feature like a action movie hero. As missions players will undertake are suicidal, having a number of big guns and bullet time will be what make or break players chances of survival.


Developed by Mass Games, STAR SOD has been a worked on as a personal project by one person for sometime but now will be releasing to all. Set to release via Steam on 30th March for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, players will be able to start dispensing justice on the Space Trading Association then. Though it is all in the name of those who kidnapped you, it is your mission to wrong the “evils” that you are tasked with.

The developer, Mass Games has also been involved with VR for some time having also worked on the title Master Shot VR which features reality gun handling. Master Shot VR is currently in Early Access on Steam and continuing to get updates from the development team at Puresurface Inc. With a high attention to detail in the way the weapons handle it is likely to see the same behavior within STAR SOD.

VRFocus’ Editor Kevin Joyce previewed Master Shot VR last year writing: “Master Shot VR isn’t without positive attributes. The realism of the weaponry will surely be an attractive proposition for many and the proposed variety of target ranges is commendable, it’s just a shame that, in its current state, many will never be able to experience all that Master Shot VR has to offer.”

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on STAR SOD so stay tuned for more.