Virtual Ninja VR Is Out Now In Early Access

Enter the shoes of a ninja and defeat waves of enemies with your shuriken and katana in virtual reality (VR) title Virtual Ninja VR.

Virtual Ninja VR 01

Virtual Ninja VR is an arcade title in which players are able to enjoy cutting down waves of monsters with a sword along with taking them down from afar with shuriken. Designed as an entry level title to help get players into VR titles, Virtual Ninja VR is a colorful title that lets players become immersed in the experience and stand against the waves of enemies that are coming for them.

Virtual Ninja VR 02

Those who jump into Virtual Ninja VR right now will be able to enjoy the arcade mode, with its endless waves of increasing difficulty and the single player mode that consists of five different stages with a boss fight at the end. A cooperative mode available as well allowing two players to team up and take down a huge boss monster together. The final version will include more patterns for monsters, more maps, more boss monsters and a player-versus-player mode along with more cooperative gamemodes. The title will remain in Early Access for a few months and though a detailed roadmap has not been released, players can expect a number of content updates throughout the course of its time in Early Access.

Taking a sword into VR is also a fun experience for any player and allows for an accessible entry into the genre. With simple controls and systems at work, Virtual Ninja VR looks to be an easy to pick up and play title all while offering those looking for a challenging a chance to shine within the increasing difficulty. Time you blocks to defend agasint enemy attacks and ensure you don’t become overwhelmed and with online leaderboards, your best efforts will be kept for all to see. If you have what it takes to become the best ninja then you know where to go.

Virtual Ninja VR is currently available in Steam Early Access as part with support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality.

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