Tiny VR Camera From Rylo Now Compatible with Android

With a growing number of people exploring virtual reality (VR) through 360-degree video, the market for affordable VR cameras just keep getting bigger. As a result, many consumers are on the look out for a practical but affordable VR/360-degree camera. With its small form factor and newly introduced Android compatibility, Rylo hopes to draw in customers.

The Rylo camera was launched in October 2017, with the aim of offering cinematic quality 360-degree image and video capture to iPhone users in a very tiny package. The company have now launched a version of its app for Android, opening up the market to a larger audience.

rylo camera

The company behind the camera claim that from the moment the user presses record, the two ultra-wide lenses on the Rylo combine to provide a full 360-degree field-of-view. For VR video, full K resolution of the spherical video output is available, or users can convert the video into 2D HD video using the Rylo software, which also automatically corrects for any distortion from the spherical image capture.

One of the major selling points advertised by Rylo is its stabilisation software. Though creating smooth, stable video is the dream of many amateur video creators, the equipment needed to produce a cinema-quality smooth video is expensive, and out of reach for the average consumer. Rylo say its automatic image stabilisation removes unwanted camera motion to provide smooth, high-quality video. Users can even toggle the stabilisation on or off, so they can judge the difference for themselves.

To open the editing app, users simply have to connect the Rylo camera to their phone and the app wil automatically open. From there, users have a range of options, including a ‘Frontback’ picture-in-picture mode, and a feature that lets the user tap a specific point of interest which the app will then track automatically to produce a video that connects each designated point.

rylo camera

The Android Rylo camera is available for $499 (USD) from the Rylo website, and comes with an Everyday Case, battery, 16GB microSD card, protective pouch and charge cables. VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest news on new VR products and services.