The Sky’s (Not) The Limit: How Airlines Are Looking To VR

If you are on a flight, it’s not always easy to find something fun to do, although watching an in-flight movie or checking out the various in-flight monitors can be a favourite among many regular fliers.  So many airlines are beginning to incorporate new technologies that can enhance passenger experience and give them more entertainment options while on board.

Beyond their use on the ground as a way of selling the flying experience. One of the latest pieces of tech that many airlines are starting to incorporate in test flights is VR experiences. While this is still in testing, a number of major airlines are hoping to make VR and airline technology experience that users may be able to use more often in the future. VR can come with a number of different advantages on a flight that many airlines are beginning to recognise too:

Isolation: VR experiences can be perfect for getting more rest and feeling much more refreshed even on a crowded flight. With noise canceling headphones and a VR headset, a person might feel as though they are already on the beach rather than in the air with the right film or VR game.

Big screen experience: With a VR screen, a cinema like experience can be created for movies. On a tiny seatback screen or even one large screen at the front of a plane, the same type of experience is simply impossible. Big-screen experiences onboard a plane can lead to more satisfied flyers and a much better experience for showing any movie.


If people have a fear of flying is often quite difficult for them to feel relaxed on any flight. A VR experience could make a passenger feel much more comfortable and ensure that they can be transported away to a neutral place away from the plane. A VR game could be just enough distraction to prevent someone from feeling as though they are on a plane, to distract them from the heights and more.


Offering New Entertainment

VR experiences could make sure that passengers of any age could have access to the entertainment experience that they want. There could be VR games available that use look controls, different types of video content and interactive content and more. VR headsets will make sure that every passenger will have some degree of control over their entertainment experience and without disturbing any other flier.

Everyone Gets A Window View

Some of the top airlines are now placing cameras throughout the exterior of their planes which are available for viewing on monitors. With these VR experiences flyers could have the option to check on these cameras outside the plane and get a front row seat of what it would be like to be flying on the wing, under the plane and more. This could be an amazing experience especially when flying by landmarks or getting a better view during takeoff and landing!

Adding VR to a flight could be a new experience that you might see on a travel journey in the near future.