The American Dream is Guns of fun in This new Trailer

One of the most interesting looking virtual reality (VR) titles due to launch this month for PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift is Samurai Punk’s satirical experience The American Dream, arriving on 14th March. Today sees a brand new trailer arrive, showcasing plenty of gameplay footage. 

The American Dream screenshot

As you may expect for a videogame about America’s love of all things guns, The American Dream is about shooting stuff, a lot of stuff, in fact pretty much everything that you can see. The dark satire comes from the use of guns for any kind of task, cooking burgers use a well placed shot to flip them, got a cold, canned beverage that you can’t get into shoot it open. There also seems to be a mixed array of shooting galleries to test your skills at, whether that’s using a pistol, shotgun or semi-automatic weapons.

Players travel through a vast complex constructed by a group of respected gun manufacturers aiming to show the world the virtues of guns for the common man. With 20 stages to play through, each one is based on a key moment in the average American life.

Featuring the voice talents of Michael Dobson (Dragon Ball Z, Sausage Party, Transformers) as Buddy Washington, The American Dream will be priced at $19.99 USD when it hits Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR on 14th March, 2018. For further updates on The American Dream and other upcoming VR titles keep reading VRFocus.