Terra Virtua Launching This September

A new virtual reality (VR) marketplace is set to go live later this year in the form of Terra Virtua allowing user to enjoy new content on a monthly subscription-based model.

Terra Virtua Screenshot 01

Terra Virtua is labelled as ‘Netflix for VR’ allowing Oculus Rift owners to enjoy an ever growing library of VR and augmented reality (AR) content, including videogames and experiences. The platform even has plans to include mobile and possibly even PlayStation VR in the future, should the initial lunch prove well.

Scheduled to launch in September, alongside a developer incubator to help support more studios into making VR and AR content, Terra Virtua require a monthly subscription. There will also be a a pay-per-view option available for special events. Terra Virtua will also be making use of a cryptocurrency that the service is calling Terra Virtua Tokens (TVT) that will allow users to buy items, skins and more within their favorite titles when the platform goes live. Ahead of the launch though an Initial Coin Offering even will take place to allow users to buy TVT ready for the platforms releases.

Terra Virtua Companion 01

The TVT will enable developers to “sell games, events and services, as well as own a dedicated zone within Terra Virtua“. The Initial Coin Offering will be taking place on next month with pre-sales opening on March 26th.

Gary Bracey, CEO of Terra Virtua said: “I have been involved in producing and developing video games for over 35 years and the industry has been talking about VR for 25 of those years, in all that time, nobody has cracked VR with a mainstream product.”

He continued by adding: “This is partly because the hardware has historically been difficult to set up, but mostly because the experience isn’t as good as regular 2D games. The gameplay is not as varied, it’s not as easy to play with your friends and it doesn’t offer enough to come back for more. We are going to change this with Terra Virtua, by offering an entirely new type of entertainment platform.”

Terra Virtua was started back in 2016 and since then has been working on their prototype. The platform will official launch this September and a test version for developers will be going live soon. A mixed reality (MR) companion app is also planned to release a month after the platform goes live, offering a virtual assistant that will enable subscribers to browse the content on the market place.

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