TreeTech Look To Bring Mouse And Keyboard Accuracy To VR With The Po!nt Controller

Conventional virtual reality (VR) controllers require you to hold a controller in each hand. However, when you’ve mostly been a PC gamer and you’re moving to an unconventional position in gaming, be it standing or seated on a sofa versus a desk – you might miss having that accuracy your mouse and keyboard provided you. Dutch-based company TreeTech have created a controller modular that will allow this for the first time. VRFocus spoke to Christof de Vries, Lead Developer and Co-Founder of the company about their product the Po!nt Controller.


The Po!nt Controller has the a mini version of the W-A-S-D key setup, along with the Q, E, shift and control keys, those that are predominately used by gamers, as buttons on the back of the controller. The touchpad at the back acts as the mouse. The front end of the controller is completely customisable and can be changed depending on which game the user wants to play.

“We are looking for gap between handheld and normal game controllers,” de Vries explains. “We noticed that PC gamers moving from the PC to the couch, with VR, with Steambox streaming it to the TV want their mouse and keyboard there as well. Well, you don’t want to sit with the mouse and keyboard on your lap, so we decided to integrate the mouse and keyboard first.”

TreeTech Po!nt Game ControllerSo TreeTech spoke to various gamers, videogame and VR developers and found that VR controllers lacked input options. They decided to build the Po!nt Controller that can be used for console, PC and also with drones. The Po!nt controller seems extremely flexible and de Vries claims it can be custom made for any game and any experience. For PC VR de Vries explains that you can use the bottom to move physically in a space whilst you can use the joystick to move your arms and buttons for the grip to add true immersion. Though he does admit it requires a small period of adjustment, perhaps fifteen minutes to learn it, then muscle memory would kick in.

The feedback to the controller so far has primarily been positive. “We are always a bit amazed we hardly get any negative feedback, people are quite amazed at how simple it works. It’s a simple idea but it works great.” The Po!nt Controller will be produced in Q3 this year and come to the market during Q4.

To find out more watch the interview video below: