Take A VR Tour of A Data Centre With Concept3D and Flexential

For any company, choosing where your data is going to be stored is a big decision. Many factors must be weighed up, including if the promises in the glossy brochures measure up to reality. It might not be possible to view every potential data centre in person, but perhaps it might be possible to look at them in virtual reality (VR).

Data storage specialists Flexential have teamed up with 3D modelling company Concept3D to allow its customers the opportunity to inspect the facilities offered at its data centres using an interactive VR experience.

The data centre experience is powered by Concept 3D’s virtual tour software, and was initially demonstrated at Gartner’s 2017 IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Centre Conference in Las Vegas, where it drew much attention from attendees.

The market for data storage is highly competitive, so Flexential are keen to embrace the VR tour in order to draw in new customers. The VR tour will be made available at future trade shows, and can be used as a marketing tool by sending a link to potential customers, allowing them to see for themselves what Flexential has to offer.

“When our team first saw the 3D video and experienced the tour developed by Concept3D, we were impressed,” said Jeff Gaillard, chief marketing officer at Flexential. “Our data centers are among our greatest assets, and essentially bringing those to the show with us and giving people a virtual on-site experience created a lot of excitement.”

“Seeing the level of excitement from the Flexential team and visitors as they experienced the data center tour really demonstrated what VR and immersive media have to offer,” said Robert Johnson, Concept3D Vice President of Business Development. “Visitors were asking questions and engaging with the Flexential sales and marketing team – the main goal of any tradeshow. There’s so much potential here to take people on a journey and give them an on-the-ground look into how your company operates and what gives it a competitive advantage.”

Further information on the Flexential VR tour can be found on the Concept3D website. As always, VRFocus will be sure to bring you the latest news on new and innovative VR projects and services.