Take A Toyota Camry On A Test Drive With A Difference In Vanishing Point Media’s ‘Camry Thrill Ride’

We’ve discussed how companies are turning to virtual reality (VR) and immersive technologies as a whole on a number of occasions at VRFocus. While the idea of advertising within VR media is still shown to be something consumers find reluctant to accept, the industry itself has proven far more accepting of the changes with heavy investment in platforms like Immersv, the development of new toolkits and SDK’s by company’s like Vertebrae, and new deals being announced all the time. With platforms like Omnivirt becoming quite prolific in their deals in both VR and augmented reality (AR).

The use of immersive technology to create advertising experiences has found a very willing partner in the automotive industry, with the ability to allow viewers the chance to take a ‘virtual test drive’ any time they want proving popular for manufacturers and customers. With companies like Kia, Mazda and BMW being amongst those having previously released experiences.

The latest to go this route is Japanese car giant Toyota, who have turned to 360 degree video as a way to promote their new vehicle, the latest iteration of the Toyota Camry with an experience created by Vanishing Point Media (who previously appeared on the site after working on VR thriller The Hidden) and Davis Elen Advertising.

“VR’s biggest hurdle is pairing people with headsets. We salute Davis Elen and Toyota of SoCal because they’re making a savvy investment in VR and innovative media. By bringing headsets into the showroom, Toyota dealers are opening up a whole new user base to the VR experience,” said Annie Lukowski, co-founder of Vanishing Point Media.

“In creating VR pieces, there is a danger of becoming so focused on the idea of providing a physical ‘experience’ that you lose sight of what makes all storytelling emotionally immersive – connection to others,” added BJ Schwartz, the Co-Founder of Vanishing Point Media. “That’s why our experience, unlike some others, isn’t solitary in the least. You take this ride with other excited, giddy passengers.”

Part of the “Camry Thrill Ride” campaign for Toyota, it takes users inside one of the all-new 2018 Toyota Camrys for a trip through a closed-course stunt ride and is available not just on social media but will also be appearing at select Toyota dealerships within the Southern California region, as well as various pop-up events the company will be hosting in the future.

Check out the video for the experience below.


Camry Thrill Ride 360

The hottest ticket at the Los Angeles Auto Show, was the Toyota Camry Thrill Ride. Participants got to climb into a 2018 Camry and let a professional stunt driver take them on a scream-packed ride. We thrilled thousands and now we're making it easy to share with the rest of the world. Here's your chance to take the Camry Thrill Ride! Explore the 360˚ experience and visit toyotasocal.co/CamryThrillRideVR for a fully immersive VR adventure!

Posted by Toyota SoCal on Tuesday, 20 February 2018